• Fashion practical aluminium alloy shopping trolley
    Ten millions Mother's choice -  Fashion, Practical Shopping trolley 
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  • Customer printed disposal hdpe plastic bags
    COEXTRUSION FILM SERIOUS HIGH TRANSPARENCY, GOOD HEAT SEALING PEFORMANCE AND HIGH TEARING- RESISTANT STRENGTH. Can be laminated with other film, to achieve good performance of humidity prevention, heat durable and flavor keeping for making various special application packaging bag.   (PE-R) Enhancement Packaging Standard reference QB1125-91 To be the based laminating film layer for packaging candy, biscuit, salt, spicy and detergent powder.   (PE-O) Oil packaging High transparency, oil staining resistance Film Base layer for liquid oil packaging   (PE-P) Powder packaging High transparency, powder polluting resistance Film base layer for agriculture chemicals, medicinal granules and powder   (PE-C) Vacuum freezing packaging High transparency, low temperature durable Film base layer for freezing salted food and sauce packaging, etc.   (PE-T) Tooth paste packaging Good rigidity and gloss Film layer to be laminated with aluminum, to achieve good smell and flavor keeping and sealing performance.   (PE-Z) Peelable film base layer To be laminated with BOPP, PET for food covering, Film is peelable   (PE-D) Aluminum laminated film base Low temperature for heat sealing, soft and with good adhesive ability Suitable for puffing food packaging, and also using as printing layer of protective film for plastic steel doors and windows.   (PE-DZ) Electronic packaging film base Laminated film base layer, used for packing electronic products.   (PE-S) Hot boilable packaging film base High transparency, low shrinkage, high stretch performance, and perfect heat-sealing Performance. To be laminated and then made into bags, vacuumed and hot boilable for 30 minitues under temperature of 100℃ or below.   (PE-E) Steamable packaging film base Can be steamed under 110℃ or below and substitute CPP film. Mainly used in food package which requires steaming and obstructing process.            
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  • Forged Aluminum Frypans and Casseroles with Full Induction Base
    NO: GR1517 Frypan,  GR1518 Casserole Superior nonstick technology helps cooks deliver inspired, healthy dishes that earn rave reviews when cooking with this Aluminum Cookware Set. Put a professional touch on every meal with this aluminum cookware set.   Product Features: ·Nonstick interior makes cleanup a breeze. ·Clear lids allow you to monitor food while it cooks. ·Riveted, stay-cool silicone handles ensure a secure grip. ·Durable aluminum provides even heat distribution. ·Suitable for gas stove, induction cooker, electric and so on
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