Stampped Aluminum Fry Pans and Casseroles Cookware Set
  • Item Code: GR1513/GR1515/GR1516
  • Payment: T/T, L/C
  • Color: Ceramic coating in different color
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Product Description

1) Description: Stampped Aluminum Fry Pans and Casseroles

Item # Description Size Height Thickness 

GR1513 Fry Pan 20cm 45mm 2.5mm

GR1513 Fry Pan 24cm 50mm 2.5mm

GR1513 Fry Pan 28cm 60mm 2.5mm

GR1515 Sauce Pan 16cm 78mm 2.5mm

GR1515 Sauce Pan 18cm 85mm 2.5mm

GR1515 Sauce Pan 20cm 90mm 2.5mm

GR1516 Casserole 24cm 110mm 2.5mm

GR1516 Casserole 28cm 120mm 2.5mm2) Material: Stampped Aluminum  

3) Finish: Non-stick coated with famous Whilford / ILAG / Dupont / Greblon ,

           Ceramic coating in different color

4) Inside coating is high temperature resistant and durable when heating.

5) Non-stick surface is really smoke-free & oil-free.

6) Non-stick pan will maximizedly help keep food nutrition when cooking.

7) Hot sale, good price, unique design

8) Packing: Box packing, according to customer’s request

9) Sample delivery time: 7-14 days

10) Cargo delivery time: 40 days after samples approval and 30% deposit received

We will send the quotation to you within 24 hours.

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